The Quest for Erebor Liveblogs

An Immersive Retelling of the Hobbit

About the Liveblogs

The Quest for Erebor Liveblogs is an immersive narrative experience that retells the story of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit in live time.

The Quest

The Quest follows the Tumblr blogs of Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield, as they document the quest to reclaim Erebor in live time.

It follows a combination of book and movie canon, plus additional extrapolation and worldbuilding to make Third Age Middle-earth truly come to life.

The Restoration

The Quest was originally planning to follow the entirety of the events of The Hobbit, but in December 2015, due to overwhelming support from our readers, we decided to deviate from Tolkien and give Thorin and his family a happy ending.

Though the main narrative of the Liveblogs is over, occasionally Bilbo and Thorin will check in to update readers on the ongoing state of Middle-earth.

Liveblogs @ AO3

In 2017, we decided at last to move the Liveblogs onto Archive of Our Own for archival purposes.

The Quest on AO3 has both Bilbo and Thorin's posts side-by-side. It may be more accessible to screen readers and is downloadable as well.

Liveblog Extras

There are also bonus stories set in the world of the Liveblogs as well as a playlist of songs relevant to certain moments during the story itself. Please enjoy!

Some bonuses may be not safe for work. Read at your own discretion.

The Authors

quiterespectablyyours was written by Lily Winterwood and exileddurin/reclaimeddurin was written by Tony/AnonymousSong.

Tony is also the main editor for the AO3 version.

You can find our main profiles here:

Toss a Coin to Your Burglar

The Liveblogs is a work of love, meaning that every day while the Liveblogs was ongoing, we updated the blogs with only the determination to give Bilbo and Thorin their happy ending.

This also means that aside from a fundraising campaign in November 2015 to enable us to write the Restoration of Erebor, we undertook this project with no promise of financial reward.

So if you enjoyed the Liveblogs, and you have the means or inclination, please feel free to buy either Bilbo or Thorin a cuppa to express your appreciation!

The Quest for Erebor Liveblogs is a work of transformative fiction. The Hobbit and its related media are the property of the Tolkien Estate as well as Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema. No copyright infringement is intended.

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